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Information about Zandvoort

Zandvoort is a booming seaside resort with a great tourist attraction. Irresistibly attractive for everyone. Thanks to the sunny terraces on the beach, and to the hotels and guest houses on the promenade and its countless restaurants, bars and boutiques in the city center.
Zandvoort aan Zee

The beach of Zandvoort

Zandvoort is well known for its beach. A vast sandy beach of no less than nine kilometers long and 100 meters wide on average. Plenty of space for recreation and to relax. On the beach there are 40 beach pavilions where you can eat, drink and find shelter from the breeze. Zandvoort has three kilometers of glass walls on these terraces. And last but not least some of the pavilions are opened the whole year round.
Het strand ligt naast Camping de Duinrand

Zandvoort City center

The center of Zandvoort is very cozy. The former fishing village is full of nice restaurants and shops. The shops are also open on Sunday (during the high season until late at night).

Circuitpark Zandvoort

Inseparable from Zandvoort is Circuit Park Zandvoort. A legendary and internationally famous circuit with a history dating back over 60 years. Still there are dozens of events each year which attracts thousands of fans every year. Besides several spectacular national sportcar events Circuit Park Zandvoort also hosts some international race events.

Holland Casino

Holland Casino Zandvoort opened its doors in 1976 as the first casino in the Netherlands. Late 2005 it underwent an impressive restyling. As a guest in Zandvoort it’s an entertainment opportunity in which you are surrounded by luxury, comfort and personal attention. Zandvoort is one of the classic resorts of the Netherlands. The casino has a wonderful location on the seafront and is easily accessible.

The National Park Kennemerland

If you think Zandvoort, you think of the beach and the sea, but where you also can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, biking or jogging. Zandvoort is surrounded by two large, wild dunes, where visitors can enjoy typical Dutch dune landscape. Both areas have nice paved and unpaved paths. Amsterdam's dunes south of Zandvoort. The National Park South Kennemerland bordered on the north side of Zandvoort.

Haarlem and the Region

Haarlem is a beautiful city with a lot of culture, history, pedestrian shopping areas and nightlife entertainment, including restaurants, bistros and cafes with terraces. Visit fascinating museums such as the Frans Hals Museum and the Teyler Museum. Near Haarlem there is the North sea sluice IJmuiden, one of the largest sluices in the World, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Amsterdam and the Region

Amsterdam with its numerous canals and more than 1200 bridges, the many attractions and excellent shopping opportunities. The city has something for everyone. The historic town is also filled with monuments. The museums with works by famous masters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh annually attract huge numbers of visitors. There are nice walkingtours along the many historic gardens and courtyards. But the various neighborhoods like the Jordaan, with its nine lanes, and the Albert Cuyp market are really worth to walk through. The region around Amsterdam offers variety of historical places like Marken, Edam, Volendam and the Zaanse Schans.

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